Technic and Musicality Workshop


For an initiated or advanced audience, working on various technics (Snap, Clap/Stomp, Gumboots) and different rhythmics (ternary or binary pulsation, from funk, latins, africans rhythms to Swing and drum’n bass…) exercises of coordination, more complex phrasings, polyrythmic inspired by traditional and modern rhythms, voices and body percussions …

Example of program of a technical workshop :

  • I “STOMP’ N clap Technic”: in binary mode, development of a rhythmic phrasing, accents, breaks … Funk , Hip-hop rhythms influences
  • I “STOMP’ N clap Technic”: in ternary mode, played in polyrythmic, influenced by traditional african rhythms
  • III “SNAP Technic”: how to work the velocity of the gesture, the rules, the accents, playing in polyrythmic
  •  IV “FOOTWORK Technic”: inspired by Gumboots, Tap Dance, Stepping, and percussive dances , work with the space, dynamism of the body, rythmicity of the footwork.
  • V “VOICE AND BODY MUSIC Technic”: How to work the coordination between voice and rhythm, which sounds accompany the voice, the vocal rhythm, which sounds ? (research inspired by Scat technic and beat box)


Creation of rhythmic phrasings, polyrythmics, focus on the search for groove and for musicality, to accompany the voice or the movement for example …