Perrine Camus


“While studying theatre and philosophy, Perrine Camus began her training in various dancing and percussion styles.”

 From her interest for what unites music and dance, she found the ideal fusion of movement and rhythm in the practice of percussive dancing  as Tap-dance, Flamenco and body music. In body percussion, the teachings of Jep Melendez, Nestor Busquets, Hofesh Shechter, Max Pollak, Olivia Rosenkrantz, Keith Terry, Barbatuques and more, will inspire her to develop her own musical and choreografic language.  And with TOC, a body percussion group from Barcelona, she began her work of research and creation.

This research has given rise to a conference-show about body percussions (ordered by the  Music and Dance Academy of Brest). Then the pursuit of new sources of inspiration lead her to London where she met choreographers of the contemporary scene with whom she continued her dance training. From the discovery of these new techniques, she develops a colourful dance of many influences where musicality is the 1st “engine”. From the rhythmic gesture, the dance becomes percussive and the movement becomes sound.

She also creates and composes choreographies for dance companies, plays and vocal groups, and regularly leads training courses to share the originality of this body language with a wide audience, from amateur to professional artists.