Body Percussions

” From the sound gesture to the danced rhythm, the body becomes The Instrument … “


         “A true relation between rhythm and movement,
          No need for another instrument!!!                                                             
with the voice, hand claps and fingers snaps,
It is with the body that we create another soundy world “


Sound movement or danced rhythm, difficult to say what defines best the body percussions. In this practice we discover exactly the narrow relation which exists between movement and musicality in a playful and accessible way. It targets every kind of audience, both amateurs and professional artists.


All, children, teenagers and adults, can approach easily the learning of this artistic practice both by its playful and creative aspect. No particular knowledge is necessary to begin!

It is at the same time a particular language and an accessible way to enter the “world” of Music, Rhythm, Percussion and Movement. It is a powerful pedagogical tool for the musical education. Furthermore, it is an efficient method to develop new capacities by coordinating the production of a sound to a movement.


This workshop targets every artist interested in the musicality of the movement, who wishes to discover other ways to mix techniques. From the danced rhythm to the sound movement, new tools for the creation are to be explored!

Technical purposes:

This discipline emphasizes the link between the sound and the gesture, the rhythm is played in movement, it permits to :

  • Discover some basics notions of rhythm vocabulary (working on the division of the pulsation, binary and ternary rhythms, simple and composed bars…) and give them a physical reference
  • Learn different body music technics: Stepping (Stomp influence), Snapping ( Barbatuques influence) Gumboots…
  • Create a ” directory of sounds ” that the body can produce
  • Develop the rhythmic understanding, the musical listening, the coordination and the physical ease
  • Understand the construction of rhythmic and polyrhythmic phrasings
  • Play with one another, in a group
  • Fill the space with more or less complex movement
  • Associate physical work and vocal work, simply by translating vocally the rhythms or by coordinating vocal and percussive gestures.

Cultural purposes:

  • Widening our knowledge of musical styles by the practice of a variety of rhythms  borrowed from diverse currents and traditions 
  • Enriching our choreographic references by the progressive initiation to others disciplines and rhythm footwork connected to the body percussion as Tap-dance, Gumboots, Sand dance, Flamenco …
  • Discovering the groups or the companies of the body percussion community, their development, appreciating their originalities and their artistic differences.