Voice and Body Music Workshop

The Workshop:

This workshop is intended for all audiences, amateurs and professionals (from 15 years) curious to discover a way of merging the voice and the body percussions.
Julia and Perrine chose to work on a varied repertoire of songs with Soul and Gospel influences,  which gives the possibility to go into various types of rhythms. Every theme is the opportunity to work on the pulsation, the understanding of a particular rhythm, and its translation in body percussions.

This workshop represents a really playful challenge for everyone!! It supposes a work of coordination and requires concentration while staying in the game. And it is a pure pleasure to find how to commit concretely the body in the support of the voice. It will be a great moment of sharing: the choir is powerful, it is not A drum, but Dozens … Powerful and subtle: a work on the nuances and the balance of the group will bring depth and interiority.

This is a discovery workshop, no knowledge or experience is required, just your motivation to deepen the coordination of the vocal work and the physical work. You will see moreover how both by bearing itself are brought to become clearer and clearer …

2 different workshops are proposed:

  • Workshop I: … about binary rhythms

 In this first session, it is about approaching the pulsation in its binary division. So, passing from an Hallelujah with  funk accents, to the latin rhythmic of ” A time to love ” from Stevie wonder, you experiment how, the sound of the foot becoming that of the drum ( Stomp) and that of the fingersnaps ( Snap) the cymbal, make of the body a real instrument for the support(accompaniment) of the voice.

  • Workshop II: … about ternary and swing rhythms

For this second session, it is about approaching the pulsation in its ternary division and secondly playing with swing accents. So, the work alternates between bounce and roundness… Make Snaps* bounce on “Music In the air”, then play them in a circular way on “I Feel The Presence”, or still borrow from the tap-dancing some Stomps* to accompany “Oh Freedom”, then return to hands-drums and rock them on a Congolese song … And that’s not all!!! But it would be necessary it’s a pity to reveal all the surprises!!!

The Teachers:

Perrine Camus:

“While studying theater and philosophy, she begins her training in various dances and percussions styles.”

From her interest for what unites music and dance, she finds in the practice of the percussive dances (as Tap-dance, Flamenco and body percussions) the ideal fusion of the movement and the rhythm. In body percussions, she develops new and various techniques with Jep Melendez, Nestor Busquets, Hofesh Shechter, Max Pollak, Olivia Rosenkrantz, Keith Terry, Barbatuques (…). And with TOK, a group from Barcelona, she begins her work of research and creation.

She develops a dance colored with various influences where the music is the 1st “engine”, where the movement in a free and instinctive game, answers a sensation perceived by the sound, the vibrations and of the rhythmical gesture, the dance becomes percussive and sometimes becomes sound. She creates for choreographic plays and vocal groups, and regularly leads training courses to spread the originality of this language with a wide public, …amateur and professional artists.

Julia Chesnin:

Major figure of  Gospel and Soul  Music in Brittany, Julia was trained/formed in New York with the First Corinthian Baptist Church, by being a member of the choir managed by Mrs Patrice E.Turner. She also worked, during workshops, with Michael Mc Elroy, director of the Broadway Inspirational Voices Ensemble. In Brittany, she manages The SoulSpirit Choir in the Triangle, a choir gospel-soul consisted of 80 chorus-singers. She established “Soulfulsingers”, a Professional Gospel group, and “Kind of Soul”, a duet piano-voice. She is also the Brittany coordinator of the international agency Gospel Event, what gave her the opportunity to sing with the immense Stevie Wonder at Le Zenith- Nantes.

Her site: http://www.juliachesnin.com/

This is the teaser of the workshop I: …about binary rhythm