Workshops Proposals


The usual duration of a workshop is 1:30 h, however it can vary according to the public, the desired contents of workshops … This is a proposal and thus it is completely adaptable to any particular request. It is besides recommended to establish group levels and\or ages for a better cohesion of the group.

Workshop Proposals

  •  Introductory and initiation workshops: from 1 hour to 12 hours (according to the desired duration)
  • Improvement Workshops: several possible levels, workshop from 1 to 2 weeks in intensive practice.
  • Research and creation workshops for amateur or professional (ex: realization of a “rythmo-choreographic”piece for a dance company, a vocal group, a school group)
  • Punctual workshops
  • Regular workshops
  • Private or individual workshops


Suitable clothing: Anything as soon as you feel at ease in your movements
Flexible shoes, sneakers or comfortable shoes.

Suitable place for the practice:

It’s better to practise on a soft ground or a wooden floor, to avoid the hard grounds, the stone floor or the concrete, to decrease at the same time the impact of the stepping on the ground and its physical reception and also to guarantee a good sound quality.