Conference/ Participative Show


Special and original creation for 3 artists. Ordered by the Academy of Brest, The first One was performed during the Dance Jazz Festival organized by the Brest Academy and the association “Vivre le Monde”. On stage, my accomplices and guests, Stéphane Paugam and Florent Clause!!!


Capture conf

Video extract from the conference:

Duration: 1 hour, adaptable form … Proposal of a body percussion workshop organized before the conference to prepare the trainees and propose them a possible participation in the performance during the conference …

This original performance, between show and workshop where the audience and the possible trainees can alternately take pleasure to look, to listen then to play the rhythms with performers. This danced conference’s aim is to show the playful and accessible aspect of this technique, to open their minds to self creation. Finally to show how well Dance, Body Percussion and Vocal game match together. We try to put forward the innovative potential for the creation when this practice is mixed with other artistic styles …